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Before I found attorney Kropiwnicka I had spoken with so many immigration attorneys and immigration specialists and each promised so much, and delivered very little. Many people out there were willing to take my money and lie to me about my options. Because my former attorney applied on my behalf for benefits I was not entitled to, I ended up in removal proceedings. I was scared I would be deported. Leaving the U.S was not an option for me. Attorney Kropiwnicka was very honest with me about what could be done, and what could not be done. She never made promises she could not keep. Luckily for me I qualified for Cancellation of Removal and my case before in immigration court was resolved positively for me. Of course, every case is different and Ms. Kropiwnicka can't solve everyone's immigration problems, but she'll be honest with you about whether you even have a case or not. Definitely worth the money.
Galina P., Riverhead, New York
I want to share my experience with you and tell you that my dream to become a permanent legal resident of the United States came true thanks to Ms. Kropiwnicka. I come from Guatemala. I was married to a U.S citizen but unfortunately my relationship with him turned out to be abusive. Not only would he physically hurt me but also he made threats to me that he will have me deported and separate from my kids if I don't play by his rules. I was scared that if I got deported I would never see my children again. I felt depressed, frustrated and helpless. I did not think I had any legal options to change my immigration status in this country without my husband's cooperation. One of my friends recommended attorney Kropiwnicka. She said : "Go and see her. At least she is honest and will listen to you. She will tell you truthfully what your options are". I was overjoyed when I learned I qualify for adjustment of status through WAVA. After my petition was approved I got my work authorization within less than three months and shortly thereafter I received my green card. Thank you Izabela!
Marisol H-G, Hampton Bays, NY
I was kept in immigration detention center, far away from home, for over three months. My wife went from one law office to another trying to retain a competent attorney to help me get out of that miserable place. The Lawyers either wanted exorbitant amount of money for their services, or did not even want to bother with my case. They said I didn't qualify to be released on bond. I was frustrated and getting desperate. I started to consider signing the papers to be deported without seeing a judge but that would mean leaving my family without even saying good bye. Luckily for me, my wife found Ms. Kropiwnicka. She agreed to represent me and was prompt and extremely effective. I was released from detention within a couple of days! My case is still pending but I know I am in good hands and I can enjoy every moment spent with my family. I highly recommend Law Office of Izabela Kropiwnicka to take care of your immigration matters. She is honest, trustworthy and her fees are affordable.
Michal K, New York
My husband and I hired Izabela Kropiwnicka to represent us for my adjustment of status last year. I am a citizen of Poland and I needed to legalize my immigration status here in the U.S. by applying for a Green Card. Ms. Kropiwnicka explained the law in a language easy to understand. She put our minds at ease and gave us confidence we when she explained to us the entire procedure. We felt less nervous about the interview when she went over the entire process with us. Everything went off as she explained to us it would. We felt safe having her to represent us and we always recommend her to anyone we know is in need of an immigration attorney.
Joanna J, Patchogue, NY
Ms. Kropiwnicka was honest in her assessment of my case and while some of her legal opinions were hard to accept for me, she never made promises she could not keep. She explained her legal strategy in great detail and in the process would spend as much time as necessary to answer all of my questions. She always promptly returned calls and e-mails. In the end, not only did Ms. Kropiwnicka provide excellent legal services, but she also changed my perception of individuals in the legal field. Without hesitation I would recommend Ms. Kropiwnicka to anyone seeking the best legal immigration representation.
Edward D., Lindenhurst, NY